Tottori Shimagen Japan Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine visited our company

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Just after the Mid-Autumn Festival, Huaxing Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. visited the guests. At 10 o'clock in the morning on September 19th, a delegation of 7 people from the Japanese Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine at Tottori Shiogane visited our company.

Mr. Zhang Kanghong, general manager of the company accompanied him personally and introduced the history and development prospects of the company to the delegation. He accompanied the factory after the meeting.

During the visit, our company’s rigorous work attitude and earnest work style left a deep impression on the delegation. When we saw the neatly placed warehouses that were about to be exported to the Japanese market, the visitors could not help but be excited to pose for a picture before the product. Mr. Tuan Qian (Marketing Director of the Japan Society of Chinese Medicine Research) stated that “Seeing your company’s production of export products so earnestly made them feel that they have increased their confidence in recommending our products to Japanese consumers, and expressed that they would return to the relevant research meeting. We will introduce our company on the media and the website of our company, and we also hope that our company will introduce Japanese companies to our Japanese customers and the results of the visit to the Japan Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The Japan Society of Chinese Medicine Research is the only channel for the Spark Industry to promote the promotion of Chinese medicine in Japan, and it is also the most unique promotion channel for Chinese medicine in Japan. Chinese patent medicines produced in China can sell the final products directly in Japan, and only the Spark industry alone. The successful visit of the Japan Society of Chinese Medicine to our factory was of great significance. Our company will continue to work hard to make progress and provide more and better medicines for Japanese consumers.